The brilliant and often-ignored NBC sitcom Community is in its third season, and fans everywhere are panicking because it has been shelved for the spring season. We are two of those panicking fans. We’re going to talk about season three so far, about what makes the show great, and why you all should be watching it.

Troy and Abed in the Morning

Dee: Jach and I often refer to one another as ‘Abed’ and ‘Troy.’ I’m the one who got Jach to start watching after she came and visited me and I showed her the paintball episodes from season one and two. Community is about a study group of misfits at a wacky community college in Greendale, Colorado. Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) is a former lawyer who cheated his way into his position and was caught. He has to finish college as quickly and as easily as possible so he can go back to his old job. He is narcissistic, apathetic, cynical, vain, and reluctantly becomes the leader of the study group. Over the past three seasons he’s grown to love them as a second family although he tries to pretend to be too ‘cool’ for them. In the end of season two Pierce decided to leave the group after winning the paintball match. Season three brought Pierce back and spoofed a variety of things, including the horror genre, Apocalypse Now Redux, the United Nations, Noir film, parallel worlds, Glee, and a bunch of other insanely amusing and creative topics.

Current Favorite Character

Dee: Abed
Jachelle: Troy!

Current Least Favorite Character

Dee: Chang
Jachelle: Chang

Favorite Episode Of Season 3

Dee: “Remedial Chaos Theory”
Jachelle: “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps”

Least Favorite Episode of Season 3

Dee: “Advanced Gay”
Jachelle: “Competitive Ecology”

Best Part of Season 3

Dee: The Kiss From a Rose video with the Dean and Jeff. Watch and be amazed.
Jachelle: The Model UN Battle!

Worst Part of Season 3

Dee: Pierce being brought back so quickly in the pilot. I wanted to see him separate from the group awhile more. It was such a big deal when he left last season and I was really excited to see where they went with that. Instead he came back immediately.
Jachelle: The overuse of Chang. I love Chang as much as the next person, but he works best in smaller doses. He’s such an insane and over the top character, that when he’s given too much screen time, I feel like he becomes too grating. Less Chang is more!

Why Community Should Be Saved

Dee: I’m not sure we can accurately explain the beauty that is Community, it really is something that needs to be watched. With all of those horrific shows on television there should honestly be no reason why they survive when a legitimately brilliant show is tossed aside. The problem is that no one is watching! You can blame NBC if you want for not marketing them well, or for putting them up against the fan favorite The Big Bang Theory in a prime slot. Like a lot of niche shows, it is very difficult to get people into this show if they can’t understand the jokes. You have to be a media hound like the two of us to understand the majority of it, and there are plenty of references that go over our heads constantly. But this show is beautiful because it doesn’t hold your hand, and it doesn’t spend all of its time explaining the jokes to the audience. I don’t think you need to be smart to get it, but you may need to be modern and genre savvy. That’s where Community loses its audience, because the majority of people will be too confused by what’s going on to keep going with it. This isn’t like Friends or Two And A Half Men where you can turn on any episode and basically get the subject material. So I understand the problem. The thing is guys, we can’t keep complaining about dumb television taking over when smart television is ignored. And if you tried this show, if you gave it a shot and really delved into the characters and the sense of humor, it will fill you with endless glee.

Jachelle: I completely agree. On paper (or, you know, blog- whatever) it’s hard to really explain why Community is such a fantastic show. A show about a community college study group doesn’t sound like anything spectacular. But it is. It’s so damn clever and well-done that it’s heartbreaking to see it not getting the attention it deserves.

I do think that media addicts like the two of us will get the the most enjoyment out of the show, but that’s not to say that if you’re not, that you can’t have a blast watching it too. A few weeks ago I went on vacation to visit my family, and convinced my mom to watch my Community DVDs with me. My mother is an amazing person, but she is not what I’d call “pop-culture savvy.” Seriously. Not long ago I sent her a text message with an emoticon in it and she thought I was using some secret code. True story. So I sat her down and plugged in the first disc. She was laughing so hard, even was a little shocked. She sat there on that couch with me through a good seven or eight episodes. Which is not something she does. Behold the power of Community in action. I think a hell of a lot of people could get enjoyment out of this insanely hysterical show, if they just knew about it.


  1. Jess says:

    I haven’t finished Community yet (story of my viewing life), but this:

    we can’t keep complaining about dumb television taking over when smart television is ignored

    Agreed, so much. The “dumb” TV has its place, just like Doritos have their place in my cupboard, but unless watchers (and it needs to be the causal watcher as much as the active fan) support shows that do the work to be clever and engaging, we’re going to end up with a country of unsatisfied viewers with violently orange rings around their mouth.


    • Dee says:

      Exactly. We need to reward good shows otherwise we really will end up ten years in the future with only reality TV. And it’ll be downloaded into our brains. Creepy.


  2. theonlyJASONian says:

    I held out on Community at first. Not much of a Joel McHale fan at the time. Finally came around shortly into season 3 and felt like kicking myself. The only good thing was that I spent about a week watching seasons 1-2.


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